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Interested in what the real estate market is within the White Mountains? owning a cabin or retiring in the mountains? want to experience all 4 season within the year? The White Mountains are truly a jewel we have here in Arizona where within 3 hours from either Phoenix or Tucson you can either escape the 110 degree temperature of the valley for 82, lakes,hiking trails and beautiful pine trees and an afternoon rain shower to keep our beautiful mountains lush and green to experiencing Fall and the change of colors. Winter is always a fan favorite from skiing, to snowball fights it's always the kids favorite. Spring is the time to get ready for the summer season and happy the sun is back shining and snow is being to melt. The White Mountains of Arizona is truly a jewel within our desert state.

It truly is a great time to buy with the market starting to rebound from a couple years ago. We have been finding some amazing deals on the market. I also have over 25 years of escrow back ground and have been a real estate agent and broker here in the White Mountains for over 8 years now. Also ask what Cool Mountain Vacations can provide for you. We set up our cabin rental business so our owners can use their cabins anytime they like, we would take superior care of it while they were gone and then send a supplement income to them each month and have grown from 2 cabins 8 years ago to our current over 35 cabins.

Give me a call today 928 358-9268 or shoot me an email at Tiffani.Carpenter@yahoo.com for information on the real estate here in the White Mountains or a free MLS search for your curiosity.
Summer what a great way to escape the 110 degree temperatures in the valley and exchange them out for 82 degrees, lakes for swimming and fishing to clean fresh air and then of course those amazing afternoon storms that turn our forest so green and lush.


Fall is our favorite time of year up here. From the perfect temperatures ranging from the perfect 75 degrees durning the day makes for a great round of gold, horseback riding or nice hike to wanting the fire on at night and wearing a sweater as the night get into the 40's & 50's. A short hour drive and you go from the 6200" elevation up to Mt Bald at 10,000" and just an amazing scenery as the leaves start to change there colors in approach to winter.


Winter - always the kids favorite time of the year, from hitting Sunrise sloops for some skiing and snow boarding to building a snowman it's amazing to see the kids that have never seen snow before.